Shellac Aleuritic Powder  Aleuritic Acid



"SSGJ 707" SHELLAC ALEURITIC POWDER is isolated by saponification from the Natural and Eco Friendly Resin Lac (Shellac) and is used very widely in the Perfume Industry.


Out of the thirty component acids present in lac molecule, one of the measure component acid popularly known as "aleuritic acid" (9,10,16 - trithydroxy palmitic acid) is believed to be present to the tune of 35-40% (quantitative estimated value) in lac resin but is not commercially recovered to the desired extent by conventional method of alkaline hydrolysis. This happens probably due to the complexity of lac molecule. On the other hand, there is a growing demand of aleuritic acids in the fields of perfumery and pharmaceuticals by virtue of being an excellent starting raw material for the synthesis of : Civetone, Exaltone, Ambrettolide, Isoambrettolide etc. having musk like odour for the perfume industry.


"CIVETONE" obtained from Shellac Aleuritic Powder is the actual product used by the Perfume Manufacturers. This was originally obtained from the gland of the "Civet Cat" which was from Southern India and Ethopia. Now this animal is becoming extinct but the demand of "CIVETONE" is very much there with the growing of the Perfume Industry. The availability of the Natural Musk from other sources e.g. the MUSK DEER is also finishing as such the demand of Synthetic Musk "CIVETONE" is fast growing and is very much in demand with perfume manufacturing companies in Countries such as France, Italy, Germany, U.S.A etc. 

Appearance White / Creamish White - In Powder / Granular Form
Solubility Moderately soluble in hot water and soluble in lower alcohol such as methyl, ethyl and isopropyl alcohol.
Moisture Max 1%
Acid Value 180 - 185
Melting Point 97  +1 Degrees Celsius
Molecular Weight 300 - 308
Purity 98 +2%
Specific Gravity 1.09 - 1.11
Chemical Identification 9,10,16 Trihydroxy Palmitic Acid



CAS Registry No 533-87-9
Appearance GRANULES
Identification Trihydroxy Palmitic Acid
Molecular Formulae C16-H32-O5
Acid Value 168 - 190 mg KOH/g
Moisture, max Max. 1.0%
Melting point Range 92 - 98oC
Specific Gravity 1.10 +/- 0.02 g/cc
Molecular Mass 302 - 308
Purity 96% - 98%
Ash Nil
Appearance in 10% Methanol Soln. Clear
(Note: The above data's are based on results achieved through laboratory experiments in our technical department and is supplied for the guidance of our customers involving no responsibility on our part)
Synthesis of fragrances such as Civetone, Exaltone, Ambrettolide and Isoambrettolide.
Synthesis of glucose monaleuritate.
Preparation of plastics with good adhesive properties.
Preparation of lacquers and fibers in combination with Cellulose esters.

In 25/50 Kgs Plastic Drums with inner Polyline.


In tightly packed units kept in Ordinary Storage / Dry Place at normal room temperature. 


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