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SSGJ produces Dewaxed Flake Shellacs by the solvent extraction process in various colour grades. These refined flake shellacs are non toxic, physiologically harmless and approved for various applications in food processing and packaging. Clear solutions can be obtained with several organic solvents or in aqueous - alkaline solutions.

Selected superior quality Indian Seedlac (Worlds Best Raw Material) are dissolved in methylalcohol, refined and dewaxed. The light and medium coloured grades are decolourised by activated carbon in order to achieve a standard and uniform colour. After another filtration step, the solvent will be extracted by evaporation and the Shellac in liquid form is passed through band rollers on to conveyers forming thin film that gradually dries and breaks into thin flakes.

The Dewaxed Flake Shellac manufactured by SSGJ at its Balarampur plant has sufficient stocks of Superior Indian raw materials (Golden Bysacki and Golden Kusmi Seedlac) specially washed and processed to manufacture uniform quality of Dewaxed Flakes. No doubt all materials are subject to strict quality control from the time of procurement till the flakes are exported. It is necessary to note that all the units  have Airconditioned Warehouses. 


SSGJ produces Dewaxed / Decolourised Flakes (also in Crushed Form) of various colour grades the specifications are as follows:


SSGJ GRADE1 . 1.25 - 1.50 0.20 0.20
SSGJ GRADE2 Dewaxed Decolourised 2.25 - 2.50 0.20 0.20
SSGJ GRADE3 . 3.25 0.20 0.20
SSGJ GRADE4 . 4 - 5 0.20 0.20
SSGJ Dewaxed Lemon 5 - 6 0.20 0.20
SSGJ Dewaxed Orange 6.5 - 7.5 0.20 0.20
SSGJ 61 . 8.0 - 9.0 0.20 0.20
SSGJ5 . 9 0.50 0.20
SSGJ Dewaxed Garnet 9 0.50 0.20
Citrakote 2000 (Crushed Dewaxed Flakes) is for Citrus Fruit Coating.
All other grades are also available in crushed form "SSGJ 63" series.
Acid value 65 - 75
Saphonification Value 190 - 240
Wax Content 0.20 PCT MAX
Impurity 0.20 PCT MAX
Moisture 2.00 PCT MAX
Ash Content 0.10 PCT MAX
Rosin NIL

The Dewaxed Flake Shellacs produced by SSGJ can be dissolved in an aqueous alkali solution (ph) according to the "melting method" as follows:

SSGJ Dewaxed Flake Shellac 100g
Water 150g
Borax(Na2 B4 + 110H20) 20 - 22g
Water (for dilution) .

Borax is dissolved in 150 g water at about 80 - 90 Cel. The flake shellac is added to the alkaline solution and begins to melt while stirring. After complete melting a gellation will occur. The remaining 250 g of warm dilution water (40-50) are then slowly added while stirring

For a complete dissolving of 100g flake shellac alternatively following minimum quantities of alkalies are required:

Borax ( Na2 B4 07 + H2o) 20-22 g
NaOH 4.5 g
KOH 7 g
NH3 (25%) 9 g
AMP (Aminoethyl-propanol) 11 g
TEA (Triethanolamine) 16 g

Other alkalies may also be used, the addition level should be determined by testing.

If the amount of alkali is not sufficient, the solution will not become clear, but will remain as an opaque or colloidal dispersion. The resin content of the aqueous solution should not exceed 25% in order to prevent an increase in viscosity with storage. To avoid precipitation if the calcium hardness of the water is too high, it is recommended to add 1 g /1 of a tetra sodium salt (Triton B -BASF) to the water and to increase the amount with increasing water hardness.


Soluble in methanol, ethanol, propanol, iso-propanol, butanol, butylglycol, benzlalcohol, insoluble in acetone, methylethyketone, ethylenglycol, chlorinated hydro carbons, alphatic and aromatic solvents, esters.

Solvents in which shellac is insoluble, achieve good solubility by adding a small amount of polar solvents or water. (Acetone or methylethylketone show good shellac solubility when 7-10% of water is added to the solvent)

The addition of solvents without shellac solubility to alcoholic shellac solutions is possible. The addition level and compatibility has to be determined by testing.


Cosmetics - Mascara - Hair Sprays - Nail Polishes - Confectionery glaze - Fruit Coating - Wood coating and stains - Flexo- graphic printing inks - Leather finishing - Dental plates - Pharmaceuticals coatings of pills - tablets and vitamin components - Raw material for modified shellac resins, shellac copolymers and shellac ester.


The solubility behaviour of coatings made by SSGJ Dewaxed Flake Shellac remains unchanged even after extended storage.

This is of importance for confectionery coatings and especially for coatings of pills and tablets in the pharmaceutical industry. 


The wax can be added again to the refined shellac-methanol solution prior to the solvent evaporation. The wax content is approximately 2-3%.

A clear solution can be achieved when using wax containing shellacs. Coatings made by such colloidal / milky solutions or dispersions will show a dull finish.

SSGJ produces 2 refined flake shellac with wax. The main difference between these two grades is the colour. The specifications, as given before, applied also for these two grades except wax content.

Thin flakes in 25/50/75 kgs nett cotton lined Jute Bags / Plywood Cases.
Several years when stored at or below temperature + 20 Cel.
Advised in Reefer / Cold Storage

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